Who we are

The Vincentian Family is a movement whose charism is the service to the most needy.

The Vincentian Family

The Vincentian charism was born more than 400 years ago thanks to the inspiration and courage of St. Vincent de Paul. Today, more than 4,000,000 people around the world follow in his footsteps. Get to know us better

The Vincentian Family Office

The Office of the Vincentian Family coordinates activities, provides information and offers formation experiences on the heritage and charism of St. Vincent de Paul to the branches of the Vincentian Family throughout the world. Get to know us better

Projects during the Covid-19 pandemic

The world is experiencing a global pandemic, and we can’t just sit back and do nothing. On this page there are some projects that our Family is carrying out. Can you help support them? Access the list of all active projects

Vincentian Aid projects during the Covid-19 pandemic

Below you can learn about and finance some of the projects that are being carried out by members of the Vincentian Family: